Despite the spinal cord and backbone of our even come across earlier Indian and Egyptian written sources for thousands of years to the interests discomfort, watched the development of our knowledge about the hernia is very slow and said the disease only began to be defined and treated in a modern sense in the second quarter of the twentieth century.

Suddenly hit the right leg of the first times in explaining the severe pain was attempted with some secret power. Various community due to seasonal weather changes, excessive exercise, horseback riding, why such sexual activity was thought to be effective in this regard.
In ancient times, Hippocrates, Galen, Oribasius, Paulus Paulus Aeginata; Middle Ages Avicenna, Abu’l-November valuable as Şerefeddin Sabuncuoğlu scientists did studies on low back pain and a variety of spinal disorders.

Finally, the disc between the Renaissance began with research on human anatomy and vertebral bones of the sixteenth century was the anatomical identification. He continued scientific advances, and various forms of leg pain was reported in the eighteenth century. The nineteenth century was establishing a clearer relationship between the waist and leg pain and the patient’s leg is flat in the air removed form the sciatic nerve roots stretch and thus elicit pain in the leg test developed

Toward understanding the disease, unfortunately, treating all these developments while continuing to back thicker and waist cupping, take the bottle, primitive methods like burning blisters to form survived until the twentieth century. The twentieth century, widely used in the diagnosis of X-rays in the first quarter and into the spinal canal air and with great contrast and giving progress has been made. But in the meantime puller waist and manipulation (manual intervention waist) as a result of residual paralysis cases it was published. Bitter experience had occurred. Meanwhile, surgeons compressing the spinal canal through the neural elements that may be helpful in patients with cartilage fragments they saw when they vacate the surgery, but they describe this as a long term tumor lesions. The disease can develop due to trauma or views tumors.
Finally, when it comes to 1934, the research and application hospital of Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, who served in two neurosurgical specialist (WJ Mixter and Barr JS) put an end to all discussion. These two surgeons, 30 cases were investigated again laid tumor diagnosis, pathology records they reviewed again and saw that most of them due to a herniated disc disease. They published their findings in the journal New England Journal of Medicine and also accepted about hernia classic definition emerged today.

When this study was published and aroused great interest. Extending the right to make such severe pain in one leg of a tiny piece of cartilage in the spinal canal, can lead to complications and even some people who came up to stroke the bizarre and incredible. These two distinguished scholars of his colleagues informing them stunned “It’s hard to believe we have ourselves, but that is the truth!” They said the words of meaning.

Diagnosis means also evolved over time. They make the spinal canal contrast agent given to nonionic and decreased complications, but it was still a disadvantage that made the needle from the patient’s waist.
The expansion of the 1970s if the computed tomography technique provides great convenience in identifying the main areas of progress was the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging method since the 1980s. Thus, patients may be placed hernia diagnosis and differential diagnosis of other diseases without the harmful rays can be performed more easily. In addition, as can be determined what is the type and stage of hernia patients and the appropriate treatment can be selected easily. This has contributed significantly to the success of the treatment.

On the one hand it means great progress in the diagnosis treatment developed on the other hand has been saved. First time herniated disc, bone removed rear portion and was completely emptied by opening the membrane called the dura. Over time, less than taking bone and began unloading the outside of proceeding from his hernia. In some cases selected from a number of initiatives and improved skin treatments with laser beams. Today, thanks to microtechnology applied using an operating microscope or loop without harming the patient even in the most difficult cases, creating additional damage to the nervous elements of aesthetic and safe operation can be realized. Also mikroendoskopik discectomy technique is spreading.

The ongoing rapid advances in medicine, which primarily reflected positive patients. Seventy years aside previous patients, twenty years, or even ten years compared to previous patients are patients today how lucky I think.