Back and leg pain is the most prominent complaint. But sometimes the waist or leg pain may also be the only one. Limitation of motion, limping away, can be seen to be multiplied to one side of the body. Numbness in the legs with pain, tingling, weakness and thinning disease progresses (atrophy) can be seen. The press widely hernia sexual function in nerves affected.

Sometimes the midline of the spinal canal towards reaching nerve compresses next to the pain in large hernia urine and stool incontinence or inability to shift towards paralysis in the legs with such disorders, cavalry patch style (around seat) may occur loss of sensation and sexual dysfunction. Cauda equina syndrome in this clinical picture is called. Even small midline hernia in patients with acute spinal canal can cause similar symptoms. The disease should not be allowed to progress at this level, appropriate treatment should be carried out with a timely intervention.

Coughing a herniated disc in the lumbar and leg pain, to walk, to do business and can be increased to lie in bed but hard to survive.

The patient developed a hernia pain that compress the nerve roots
It is tipped toward the body to decrease.

Although rare, sudden coming in such a large volume of midline lumbar hernia
paralysis of the legs with pain develop. Urine and stool of patients
It can pass underneath. Saddle-style seat near loss of sensation may occur.
Sexual function may be lost (cauda equina syndrome).