Ice cream presentation: there is love, and most of us perceive it as an unhealthy food. But, there are some benefits even the ice cream.
Of course, we’re going to count the health benefits that regular consumption in the amount of applies. Not to be addicted to ice cream, be careful while consuming.
If the decision if consumed can help you lose weight. Spends more energy to digest cold foods because our bodies are consumed.
In addition, the carbohydrate content in sugar so you instant energy is the perfect solution to meet our needs. Let me remind you that turns sugar into fat, if more is imported. Decision if so many non-ice cream in a large bowl when it is consumed your daily calorie needs this is only a small amount of meets
Ice cream is made from milk, milk is beneficial in that it contains all the ice cream as it must not be forgotten. So, the ice cream, along with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins it is possible to benefit from. We must immediately be reminded that, phosphorus and calcium are minerals essential for the health of our bones and teeth. In addition, it is rich in terms of vitamins. A, B6, B12, D, E and K vitamins in the lobby.
Within normal limits reduces the risk of colon cancer in some studies, the consumption of ice cream.
Ice cream in a cone when you eat, allow yourself to feel more relaxed and decrease your stress. Ice cream was eaten in a survey the brain that reacted to it, and has been found to secrete the hormone of happiness.