There are different types of allergies, many allergies, appear to be simple but in some cases life-threatening a reaction to foreign things in our body which can. The things our bodies react are called allergens. Some allergens are as follows; drugs, insects, certain foods, Latex, animal dander, mold and pollen.
The effect of some allergens on your skin, while others affect the nose and eyes. Allergy is a result of redness or swelling. Medicinal drugs in addition to fit himself to eat foods which can be prepared easily at home will appear.


If you are allergic to pollen, especially if it would be beneficial to consume the honey of your area. Because bees make honey from the pollen you’re allergic to flowers, giving rise to decrease or disappear, so this allows you to be insensitive to you because your allergic. If swelling and itching after insect bites if you again, honey, you can take.


Some reactions to garlic allergic reaction can reduce the severity of allergies by slowing down during. In addition, although the effect of antibiotics (allergies while it is not an effect that doesn’t help).


The curcumin in turmeric in the structure of a chemical called. This chemical has shown that it slows down allergic reactions.


Ginger has a modest effect on allergic such as your suggestions above.

Sweet Potato

Vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and beta carotene-rich vegetable. Has the effect of retarding the allergic reaction.


Contains anti inflammatory Omega 3 to have an effect. Is good for allergic reactions, showing signs of breathing difficulties, he said.


It will be good for strengthening your immune system while you are allergic Ede. Squeeze the lemon in your body and wait to dry and place in to the red zone will help reduce the allergic reaction.


The blind structure will help you to sleep kuerset called flavonoids against allergens.