Happy-the food yourself unhappy or angry do you feel? Foods that will make you feel happier with yourself then we advise you to take a look at.
Enhance your brain function, as it is the food that reduces your headache to feel better, there are foods that increase the release of happy hormones.
Dip in hormone levels dopamine and serotonin in your body, when you feel unhappy with yourself would have made. These hormones are also produced in the brain and enables you to feel happy. Therefore, take foods that increase the production of these hormones can help you feel better about yourself.


The structure can easily reach the production of serotonin the carbohydrates in your brain accelerates.


Especially dark chocolate contains antioxidants quickly thanks to treat the symptoms of depression and makes you feel happy.


Thanks to this Yesil dense Iron contained in leafy vegetables, and increases blood flow to your brain will make you feel good.


Intensive vitamin C and folate that are included, will help you feel better while also raising your dopamine levels, your depression will improve.


Especially Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in fish species that are very useful to raise your serotonin levels.


The flowers of this plant will be manufactured in our country contains components that are good for depression. Also it is better to reduce premenstrual distress.


Other food that are rich in Omega 3 coconut. Thanks to these fatty acids in your brain, serotonin production increase and you will feel yourself more happy.