The headache yourself of how you left everyone in a difficult situation. he has the experience. Some foods have heard of it all the more worse your success?
As you know, the foods we take influence our health status. Therefore, we have to be even more careful in such cases.
People from frequently encountered headache disorders is an important one. It may be a symptom of some diseases because it is difficult to determine the cause.
The most common causes of headache, the common cold, flu, stress, digestive disorders, irritability, diabetes, and hypertension.
However, it is useful for some foods to stay away unless you’re still getting headaches.
1-Unripe Bananas
Unripe bananas because they are rich in oxidized cholesterol in the den can trigger your headache.

2-foods rich in carbohydrates
That will raise your blood sugar levels foods that contain plenty of carbohydrates such as pasta and bread are among the foods that can trigger your headache.

3-ice cream
Ice and cold drinks such as ice cream to a narrowing of the blood vessels that travel to the brain what they’ll do may aggravate your headache.

Just such as unripe bananas, tyramine-rich foods, especially for a long time retained the substance they contain is increasing.

5-Chinese salt
To increase appetite which has the effect of monosodium glutamate (msg), giving rise to headaches from foods that contain you should stay away from.

The survey is the regular gum-chewing jaw and cause pain in the head, it has been found that.

Old cheese may contain tyramine like cheeses to mature for a certain period of time can trigger the headache as expected.