We eat and drink that we consume affect our body which is important. Depending on what we eat, can be beneficial or harmful for us.

Today, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression are so often encountered or what we imagine to be true one of the reasons we have unconscious eating the wrong diet. Particularly long working hours and the stress of the city about how to choose food that does not give us enough time to think about it. You think it is healthy, but you expect some food to be as healthy as we want to share.


Pasta is always one of our table guests, due to the Quick preparation time, are often preferred. However, pasta with tomato and cheese sauces can help you lose weight preferred.

Peanut Butter

Although a high proportion of vegetable oils found in peanut butter are healthy, easily increase your rate of body fat may cause.


Especially in the West, because it is easy to prepare foods that are commonly consumed at breakfast, because they contain high sugar can cause weight gain.

Dry fruits

We eat the dried fruit of a hard one a fresh one more we consume, the more energy they contain the lost water fruits should be consumed carefully.


Familiar to many as it has a human face in our country, they cannot be a substitute for peanut butter. Natural non-fat because it contains no trans fats is a type of your vessels and you should stay away.


Healthy dusunulse in which it contains sugar or sweeteners, syrups and mixtures that may be because of various unhealthy should keep in mind.


Bananas are definitely a healthy food, contains high amount potassium in the structure is quite necessary. However, if you have a weight problem, you should consider other fruits instead of.