Hernia is usually seen in patients with complaints on the side of the hernia. But there are some patients that are on the opposite side hernia complaints state that on one side. For example, what was diagnosed as a result of disc herniation but is found to the right side towards the patient’s pain, numbness, signs and symptoms such as feeling in her left leg loss. Of course, the opposite could also be concerned.

Such a clinical also occur as a result of compression of neural elements. The disc is from the left or right channel to the right push and compress nerves, spilling over on the opposite side. If herniated disc, facet joints on the opposite side of the normally large or irregularities in the bone structure on the opposite side of the surface is exposed to nerve compression easier on that side (Figure C and D). Thus arises the opposite side of the patient’s complaints. But the doctor, according to the herniated disc treatment to plan and carry out the operation in question is that the herniated side. Consequently herniated disc in the opposite side of the patient’s complaint, which is also the end of the evacuation.

Very rare we encounter during our daily practice of medicine does the opposite side of the hernia. We encountered table is a scientific explanation possible of the issue is that we doctors are no surprise and the description result of our patient’s pain and other complaints magnetic resonance and / or cause computed by the CT report and get rid of anxiety learn that the opposite side.