Plastic materials used in the construction especially in the field of artificial grass goalie to increase the risk of cancer is specified. Risk of abrasions when in contact with these substances, salvation can occur.

Mac carpet beware of the ones in the field!
According to a study conducted in the United States, obtained by recycling car tires rubber plastic black substances, arsenic, mercury, lead, and heavy metals such as similar if they contain the bodies of persons who are in intensive contact with artificial turf these also stated that they can move easily.

Coach Amy Griffin University of Washington football team, currently in the United States, actively playing football, 158 cancer cases were seen in athletes and that these athletes with the goalkeeper stressed that the majority of provides a 60 percent rate.

Over and over the goalkeeper jumping and abrasions to occur in certain areas of the body, said Griffin, “that the abrasions in the field of make contact with carcinogenic substances in plastic parts and is located in the Black Plastic, you can pass through the blood of the athletes. Most cases of cancer is linked with blood already,” he said. The plastics in question are substances produced by the major companies that produce opposing this claim, argues that the plastic is safe.