Constant exhaustion, irritability, usenme, forgetfulness, feeling unhappy, if you are having B12 deficiency may be responsible for excessive food cravings.

Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya, in recent years, the lack of vitamin B12 too draws attention to our environment. It really is in human life in the beginning of vitamin B12 deficiency the nervous system, including memory, concentration, anxiety, stress, body aches, pain, more than the feeling of detection, the causes of many important diseases such as dementia and slowing the metabolic rate.
Vitamin B12 enters the body by the foods we eat, from the outside. The body does not produce B12. In terms of poor nutrition or the inability of vitamin B12 vitamin B12 stomach disorders are some of the reasons.

Here you need to know about vitamin B12, which is so important for the body;

• Vitamin B12 prevents cell aging.
• Repairs nerve cells.
• Protects the body against heart and blood vessel disease.Protects against stroke and high blood pressure blood vessels.
• Vitamin B12 also translates carbohydrates into energy, oil reduces.
• Weight control is very important. Vitamin B12, to increase the body’s energy, weakness and fatigue prevents. This also reduces food cravings.
• Improve the use of carbohydrates and sugar your brain that needs to turn into energy by regulating the metabolism of sugars prevents forgetfulness.
• Breast, colon, prostate, lung cancer has a protective effect against.
• Healthy hair, skin and nails for the basic need. The production of new cells of the skin and allows it to be refreshed regularly.
• At least 1 times per year, have your B12 levels measured by your doctor contacting Internal Medicine.
• Red meat, liver, fish, oysters, and shellfish such as mussels, yogurt, cheese and eggs in animal products such as too much.
• Advancing age or if you have a disease that prevents the absorption of vitamin B12 in the body, your doctor you can use B12 supplements orally or by injection in the form of therapy.
• People who take vitamin B12 supplements except for foods, the less fat.