Developed and biomarkers for detection of diseases (biomarker) using biosensor technology that can detect very small volumes of body fluids through the skin with multi-disease detection is getting easier and accelerated.

Dundar Gunha Prof., Assoc. Dr. Arda Yalcinkaya, Sea and Assoc. The project which commenced in 2010 by Dr. Hamdi grandchildren, tumors can be determined using similar systems. Technology wireless, passive sensor and can be made in the case of the index noted that there is a big advantage gunha dundar prof., Assoc. Dr. Arda Yalcinkaya, Sea and Assoc. Dr. Hamdi Torun, this technology could be identified with more than one disease at the same time, a drop of blood would be sufficient for the detection of very early indicated. The research developed in sensors, can accurately measure the electromagnetic properties of biological structures, and thus in the long term in the early period of diseases such as breast cancer can be determined.

Cut-Ring resonator was developed using Microwave – based diagnostic technology biosensors biosensors and cancer for use within the health sector towards the realization of a significant threshold being exceeded will contribute to this. The project is the determination of different biomolecules to be made at the same time, non-destructive perform measurements and wireless, non-invasive detection will be provided.

Conducting studies on gunha dundar Microsystems prof., Assoc. Dr. Arda Yalcinkaya, Sea and Assoc. Dr. Hamdi Granddaughter is working on biosensor technology, cut-ring resonator with the antennas of the same base (substrate) may be produced on the reader of the resulting structure can be integrated with and relies on the electronics to make.

This feature, which has an electrically passive sensor, biosensors, will bring a major innovation in the field of both technology and application. Biosensors developed with this extraordinary feature, that can be inserted into the body (implants) and disease will be kept under constant observation. When reunification is not possible by creating portable systems with high performance sensors and electronic circuits technological innovations will be presented. Especially in pediatric patients, such as blood sampling through a troublesome process of some of the biomarkers need to be measured, the wireless system developed to draw blood with tears, sweat through body fluids such as can be measured.

This project developed the academics in the field of Health Science that can be used with this technology when they had taken an important step in the field of Health for the use in question, the technology is not expensive, but underlines that a technology that everyone can use will be to reach.

Candidate will diagnose cancer technology

Academics, the other advantages of the developed technology, explains: “the advantage of the passive without a battery or electrical power wirelessly, the sensor is able to warn a sign of an electromagnetic wave through it and you can send your bio-you can sense the mark detection. It is a great advantage in terms of body placement. Biocompatible devices can be made. Activation If you change the molecule so that detection can be made sensitive to any molecule desired.”

Completing the patent process

The patent process is almost complete that the academics, who said, “We continue to discuss the import of investment and commercialization of the final result we get the way we’ll go. We have more than one to apply for funding. Our project is currently in the laboratory phase, we will begin clinical studies later. There is much technology to make inroads in this area a candidate for. Both very invested and very competitive area and we’re trying to just get in the race, this candidate technology. Do good research on this topic and if it can be commercialize to accomplish goals we have,” both to the reader and to the sensor itself and they are working to develop this technology in the future measurements it could be done in other areas in the health sector said, And ‘It ” non-destructive measurement paint or bio-detection, we can say that,’ they brought her. Cut-Ring resonator was developed using Microwave-based biosensor for cancer diagnosis and technology’ project, received the elginkan Foundation technology award 2015.