Sugar which is harmful, it’s a question of rattling around in their heads, most of which is harmless. FitWell Nutrition Coach Cenk Özyılmaz, become what of sugar in the body because when I eat sweet, you should do everything you need to know more as to what you wrote…

Start with the sugar first to recognize the nutritional value. Sugar, sugar beet sugar is achieved through the separation of the portion processed in factories. Beets are a natural nutrient, although pure sugar is a food. Sugar is considered a pure energy source. However, taken alone, namely, protein, vitamins and minerals, energy from sugar when you are not can be generated. For this reason, sugar ‘is a source of empty calories’.

Sugar; flour, oil, walnuts, peanuts, mixed with very high caloric value foods such as sweets and cream are made. The substance of candy sugar. Sweet and candy are also eaten with pleasure. This way, the person takes more calories than you spend without realizing it and leads to obesity.

Obesity prepares the ground for many diseases. Sugar is Poison and must be used in place to create a balanced effect. Bread and other grain products we eat are converted into sugar when digested also. Therefore, people actually there is the need of sugar.

So it does not need to consume any sugar and your body.

Sugar in the body is a nutrient, not a food from other foods that can produce itself when needed.

After defeating digested starchy and sugary foods and fruits that are found in the blood passes in the form of simple sugars. Entry of sugar and starchy substances in the digestive system, the pancreas, insulin allows our bodies by stimulating the secretion of hormones.

This hormone of glucose in the liver to be stored by entering into the cell, to be used by the body to the anus helps.

In the normal case the amount of sugar in the blood the insulin that is produced is balanced with the amount of hormone. Thus, as a result of the digestion of sugar and starchy foods we eat, the sugar in the blood are placed. Our liver is kept as a partial backup, the rest is converted into fat or energy in the cells to the anus.
The amount of sugar recommended by the American Heart Association, six teaspoons per day. But the American Journal of clinical nutrition published a new study according to this we’re getting out more than three times every day. This means at least 300 extra calories a day from sugar excessive. Expert Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic wellness Institute, “excessive sugar consumption has become almost epidemic,” he says.

When you have eaten a lot of sugary food especially in young children, growth stops and the kids are getting sick. Every disease is not a precursor for obesity, the main reason of excessive consumption of sugar and obesity. Excessive fructose intake and leptin resistance to reduce. Leptin is a hormone that States US enough food that we took.

Usually the problem here stems from the inability to ignore the signal from the brain.

Sugar ‘Silent Killer’ is called without prior notice to if the reason that caused diseases, so why do not show symptoms. Outside there are many diseases that leads to obesity sugar:

– In the long term, bile duct cancer, and lung cancer causes.

– If there are cancer cells in the body, this feeds the cells.

– Depression, anxiety disorders, and skin causes. Feeling slightly stupid, mental clarity or feel you are unable to of carbohydrates you consume the reason for this may be excess in the previous week. Yet more aged and Alzheimer’s, while a weak memory, that’s why.

– Can lead to diabetes. Episodes of reactive hypoglycemia is not caused where, causing you to faint.

– Excessive cause weight gain and makes weight loss increasingly difficult. The AC is still off the table you are gaining weight.

– Embolism caused.

– Increases the risk of gangrene and is destroying the nervous system.

– On the secretion of growth hormones in children blocking the the entire body it disturbs the balance of hormones.
– Reduces the success of the lesson for the children that will result in a loss of concentration.

– Inflammation of the kidney and intestine that cause tooth decay brings.

– Causes of Frequent headaches and migraine disease brings forth.

– The body’s immune system weakens and makes it open to attacks from various viruses. Winter diseases particularly inviting.

Our body; fruit, honey or extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet and processed sugar the natural sugar in milk cannot distinguish between. We received all the sugar, glucose and fructose, is being processed by the liver to the anus. Sugar or glucose through the bloodstream or as glycogen is stored as fat in the cells to be used are distributed.

The amount of sugar, which is decisive in terms of Health. Of whatever species, feeding our sugar should be within 10 percent of the total amount of energy we receive from the ate. Age, weight, activity varied according to the status, although the sugar we received, on average, 70 per day for men
should not exceed 50 grams for women by the ounce.


50 grams of sugar; three fruit, 13 teaspoons of powdered sugar, two cans of soft drinks, chocolate biscuit is equivalent to eight.

We can take this measurement while shopping in the grocery store: 100 grams of sugar 15 grams of hosts that processed food excessive sugar, 100 grams, 5 grams sugar barindirani can be classified as low.
Best sugar import path can be fed with natural food. Foods that contain fiber, sugar, carbs and fat by giving the body gradually goes to the front of these fluctuations. Also these foods that are found in vitamins, minerals and other compounds would be of vital importance for the organism.

Much sugar after the consumption of half cup milk, two walnuts, raw almonds or cinnamon on blood sugar by consuming five can prevent escalation to the highest level.

Well, which foods can be used as an alternative to sugar?

Organic honey; it contains many vitamins and minerals. These compounds found in honey at a rate that they are super genuine in terms of health are very useful. Also, honey instead of sugar is one of the best sweeteners that can be used.

The sweetening power sugar Palm fiber, magnesium, iron and is rich in vitamin B6. You can use your favorite recipe and bring them them into a powder, or oat milk to your mixture you eat in the morning, sweetened.

Stevie in Japan are used as flavorings and food additives for more than thirty years by millions of people. Being used as a healing plant and a sweetener for centuries in South America. Extract obtained from this plant, is considered to have regulatory effects on blood sugar. Stevie so much sweeter than normal sugar, although sugar does not contain compounds.