Ingrown hairs and to the wreck, women were more hip, leg, back, groin, genital area and armpits.
In men, the sacrum and the coccyx, especially in the neck becomes a problem.
Usually seen between the ages of 15-30.
For those who are overweight and sweat, than the clay in the sinking of the coccyx.
For a long time and a particular form facilitates the emergence of the problem.
Friction tight clothing and sweating to help promote hair prepares the ground for the sink.

Causes ingrown hairs?

Sometimes, especially wax, glaze and clay body that starts to grow after shaving and is buried into the skin before they reach the skin’s surface begins to grow. Skin, clay-they get defensive and creates inflammation the body recognizes as foreign. In regions where this problem is the skin being shaved (beard, groin, anus) are more frequently encountered. Sometimes the head, nape, and back of the shed hairs clamped between the thighs. Walking or sitting rubs. Then like a drill bit pierces the skin, and there yumaklasir go under. Then a severely painful infection will develop. Those who are prone to ingrown hairs, you must pay much attention to cleanliness. Because removal of the dead skin, prevents ingrown hair to a certain extent. It is also important to moisturize the skin. Partly to change the direction of the hair prevents.

Radically Solve The Problem

One of the most current treatments of ingrown hairs, the reverse-that reduces the number of growing hairs is permanent (laser, photo, pin) are recommended. Inflammation ingrown hairs yet, if done while the problem is more initially prevents the growth of. But unfortunately, usually these patients come to us after leaving kistlestik ingrown hairs or stain. However, at this stage, there’s not much a doctor can do skin. Only you can solve the problem when the surgeon changed the anatomy of clay. On the other hand, whether surgery, ingrown hairs with the probability of recurrence of a disease. For this reason, Laser Hair removal operation to the area once the wound has healed to a large extent eliminates the possibility of a repetition to be done. The only way to get rid from the hair, permanent hair removal is to undergo a drastic way.