A piece of fruit rambutan, the world’s most intriguing natural products are grown in our country and in the district of Antalya Gazipasa passes between. Rambutan fruit in the grocery store yet invisible at luxury neighborhood grocery stores at very high prices are finding buyers.

Thanks to rambutan fruit contain high amounts of iron that increases hemoglobin value that is the source of healing of many diseases is stated.

Heart and vascular diseases:

Recommended for cholesterol patients fruit. Beneficial against heart and blood vessel disease.

A radiant complexion:

It acts as a shield against diseases of the skin and custom skin complexion.The fruit part also to regulate the amount of water in the intense shine and helps to contain the skin color.

Bone development:

Plenty, A,C, K vitamins. Also potassium, protein, calcium, various minerals such as embodies. Has a very important place in the development of eye disorders and bone and dental health.


Rich in iron, rambutan fruit, raises the level of hemoglobin in the body. It is recommended to use to patients who develop anemia because of anemia.

The production of sperm quality:

High amounts in fruits, vitamin C is is increasing sperm count and quality. Sperm in the ovaries and preventing the oxidation of vitamin C protects the cells.