It goes under enough load on your spine your daily activity. Three to four times your body weight of your spine while you are doing sports as the load rides. Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist Assoc. Dr. Cagatay Ozturk, selected the wrong shoes when doing sports especially damaging on the entire body when doing sports underlines the negative impact on the health of the spine, such as choosing the wrong shoes harm you did you know that ?
Every person’s body is different as are different sports skills. There are unique styles that all sports shoe. Choosing the wrong shoes affect the performance of the entire body while psychologically hurt people like affects the health of the spine.The balance of the whole body is very important to the health of the spine öztürk, saying that, your sport and spine-friendly tips on how to choose shoes.Wrong shoe choice low back pain and deformity of the spine extends
When doing sports to our area of the spine as well as the most weight riding on feet. Choosing the right footwear is important therefore healthy for the sport.For example, while walking on the beach that you wore the last model of the shoe in the long run there is the risk of being the cause of your spine problems. Choosing the right shoes is extremely the removal of an appropriate voltage on the spine and the spine it creates an effect of smoothing and protects.Constantly flat on the floor and stiff-soled shoes while walking with a restriction leads to weakening of the spine and flexibility. Wrong choice may lead to low back pain and the spine deformity of the shoe.Wearing shoes that support the foot of the feet to keep the spine stable between things that can be done to put support into orthopedic shoes.Recommendations for the right shoes;
•Each person’s foot bone structure is not the same because firstly, check whether your foot when you wear shoes bothering tough stitching,•laces to your athletic shoe should be considered. Shoes tied tightly to slow down the blood circulation, can affect you by the waist then to the first directory. Avoid tying your shoes tight.