Unfortunately, people do not have adequate understanding of some of the major diseases. They chose to go the doctor writhed in pain they resorted to a number of methods not based on any scientific basis. Belina honey, figs, fish hold of a Link in patients, who cut the skin in a dangerous manner, burned in, and we are making or unconsciously put leeches witnessed hundreds of unscientific practices posing as patients.
Even so, we encounter are now pain even to thread the needle from the waist Give a patient.

However, the hernia is not the only kind of different treatment methods and apply at different stages of the disease are needed. Consequently, while it is possible to heal with a simple treatment, it became unconscious as a result of the practices of surgery often we are faced with patients.

This issue is a serious problem. But first an important role in solving the problem for everyone, including doctors we fall. Educational institutions and the media in informing the public and raising awareness It is necessary to demonstrate a more active attitude.
Diagnostic and treatment methods in the twenty-first century is moving with giant steps,
Give a recourse to medical treatment instead of thread and needle from the waist to see that such unscientific methods referred to is a big contradiction.
Patients with such a large hernia when unscientific methods
If you lose, sometimes irreversible disturbances may occur.